Eric Lentz

Eric Lentz is a knowledgeable and dedicated criminal defense attorney who gives every case the individualized attention and commitment needed to help accomplish the client’s goals. Eric has tried dozens of cases to juries and judges throughout Oregon and Washington. Aside from representing persons accused of crimes, Eric has handled hundreds of traffic trials and Department of Motor Vehicle administrative hearings.

After graduating from Willamette University College of Law and passing the Oregon Bar Exam, Eric started a small law practice handling a wide variety cases. In 2011, Eric joined the Law Office of A. Alexander Hamalian where he specializes in criminal defense. In 2014, Eric was admitted to the Washington State Bar. Eric has extensive knowledge and experience with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, both in defending those accused of violating the laws and rules of the OMMP and working to end the prohibition of cannabis.

Before he began law school in 2006, Eric was professional stagehand and sound engineer who worked on hundreds of performances from national touring acts to local artists. Eric still works as a sound engineer every year at Oregon Country Fair on the Hoarse Chorale stage, as he has done for over 15 years. As a student of Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu and an avid gamer, both digital and analog, Eric tries to take the lessons and strategies he learns outside of the courtroom and apply them to his practice of the law.